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Microsoft home student 2019 is the software pack for students and families. It offers a group of apps, including Microsoft office 2019 word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft office home and student 2019 is accessible across devices like PC, laptops, windows 10, mac, or even smartphones. Download and Install office 2019 all features by following the instructions shown here.

Redeem a new purchase for Office home student 2019 Product key 

Microsoft office 2019 product key is easily supportable whenever you download Home & Student 2019 software. It's basically a 25 digits string consisting of alphabets and numeric codes group that you need to use for MS Office product activation. 

To redeem home & student 2019 product key:-

  • Check order confirmation mail you received during your purchase. Then, scroll down the page and copy the key code, so you can use it to activate office home student 2019.

  • If you have the retail card of Msoffice 2019, check its flipside and find the hidden code. 

  • Next, either follow those instructions given with the Microsoft product key or jump to the next steps.

  • Open link.  

  • Sign In to your Microsoft account.

  • Follow the prompts to finish the process.

How do you activate Office Home and Student 2019 with product key?

Make sure you already have a Microsoft account associated to Microsoft office home and student 2019, then follow below to activate it;

  1. Go through to access the Office 2019 home page.

  2. Click "Sign In" to use your Microsoft login.

  3. Hence, enter Microsoft account credentials, or you can create a new ID.

  4. Next, use your home student 2019 product key and submit it.

  5. Follow on-screen instructions to activate the license.

  6. Use your Microsoft account to install the product software.

  7. Make sure you sign in after the office Home & Student installation gets completed.  

Complete Installation Instructions for home & student 2019

If you didn't register the office 2019 product key yet, go with the above steps. If you already have redeemed the license key, follow the below-mentioned instructions to download and install the product software:-

  • Step 1- Launch a web browser 

It's the basic step you need to take; simply open a web browser on your PC or laptop like Microsoft Edge or Chrome.

  • Step 2- Visit Microsoft Office Home Page 

Click on link to reach home student 2019 home page.

  • Step 3- Sign In With Microsoft Account 

On the home page, click Sign In or create an account (if you don't have any) and enter Microsoft account credentials associated to office home student 2019.

  • Step 4- Download Microsoft Office Home And Student 2019

Depending on your version of MS office 2019, select the options and so click "Install Office". Again click "Install" if prompt. It will start downloading the latest version of office home and student 2019.

  • Step 5- Begin the Installation Of Office.Com/Setup Home & Student 2019 Software

Open Downloads folder and double click on setup.exe or installer.pkg. Installation of the Office 2019 version will start automatically.

  • Step 6- Accept Software License Agreement

Read the software license agreement showing on your display. Thereafter, click the "Agree" and "Continue" tab. If you're installing Microsoft office 2019 on mac, enter mac admin login password.

  • Step 7- Finish the installation process

Follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation for home student 2019. 

  • Step 8- Activate Microsoft office home and student 2019 and get started 

If you just received the "You're All Set" prompt, open any application from the ms office 2019 package and click "Sign In" to activate the software, and its ready to use.   

In addition to installing setup home student 2019, you also have the option to download Home student 2019 apps separately. It simply means you can install Word or Excel, or PowerPoint separately as well.